FL-500: Norwegian Championship bronze to John Øivind Selmer

Written by: Tine Klevstad/transl. Elisabeth Simonsen
Date: 12.03.2012 18:24

Jon Øyvind Selmer (51) from Porsanger is participating in Finnmarksløpet for the 13th time this year. Exept for the debut in 1995, he has driven the last 11 years. His best placement was in 2007, when he came in 4th. What is special with him is that he does not have his own dogs. For several years he has borrowed dogs from Harald Tunheim – the dogs Tunheim chooses not to use. And he has done the same this year. To get a dog team to preform without having daily contact and practice takes a skilled and experienced musher. Therefore it’s not surprising that Jon Øyvind came in third in the Norwegian Championship 2012 8-dogs. But it is still impressive. He has made all eight dogs work hard on the last leg, and passed Bente Levorsen who was in the running for the bronze medal.     


All photos: Sten Tony Hansen