FL 500: Wingren finishes in secound place

Ole Wingren finished in secound place

Written by: Pål Bleka transl. Hans Ole Sandring
Date: 12.03.2012 16:47

Ole Wingren won Finnmarksløpet 500 in 2010 as the first Finnish musher. This year he claimed that driving as well as possible was his goal for the race. Finishing second, he has reached his goal.

Experienced musher

The 60-year old musher entered his first competition in 1976 and is among the most experienced mushers in the race.

The owner of Wingren's Dogsafaris is known for his competitive attitude and is always mentioned as one of the favourites. The Finnish musher had to rest in Jotka right after the start because a young dog had started out to fast. He was curious about how this would affect his race. When he continued he was in the rear of the field, with the possibility of getting a softer trail than his competitors.

Due to him resting in Jotka early in the race he had a shorter rest in Karasjok than his competitors. Out of the checkpoint he set off in the wrong direction and had to be led in the right direction by his closest rivals.

His son Ronny Wingren also started in the same class, but had to scratch because of young dogs and difficult conditions on the soft trail.

 We congratulate Ole!



FULL SPEED: Ole Wingren leaving Jergul