FL-500: Come to the centre of Alta now!!

Written by: Lise Ottem
Date: 12.03.2012 14:35

Last: Katy Meier has passed Jorra at 14.29. From there mushers usually needs 30-40 minutes if all goes well. 

Come and greet this years winner of FL-500 in the center of Alta!! 

The winner is expected in to the finish sometime after 3 o’clock and we hope as many people as possible has found their way to the finish line to cheer for the winner of Finnmaksløpet 500 km. Come to greet the next mushers as well, the title for Norwegian Champion is a close race.

Katy Maier appears to be the one that crosses the line first and becomes the winner of this year’s Finnmarksløpet 500. But everything can still happen, the Alta river is long.