Norwegian champion 2012 FL-500!

Written by: Tine Klevstad transl. Hans Ole Sandring
Photo: Lise Ottem
Date: 12.03.2012 17:35

Leif Wilhelmsen (55) is from Junkerdalen in Nordland. He has daughters Runa and Susanne.

Leif Wilhelmsen has this year reached his own objective for the race. He had three starts in Finnmarksløpet behind him, and has this year made a big improvement from last year’s 32nd place. With his leader dog Frk Karlsen in his team he had a sensible development as the race progressed. He left the checkpoint Jergul at the same time as Ole Sigleif Johansen. They also passed Jotka at the same time. The thriller was a fact! With seven dogs in his team he got his dogs to perform in the close race against Ole Sigleif.


We congratulate Leif and Frk Karlsen with a very good collaboration that has given them the title of Norwegian Champion 2012 8-dogs.