FL-500 Katy Meier passed Mollisjok

Written by: Tor Mikkelsen/transl. Elisabeth Simonsen
Date: 12.03.2012 10:09

At approximately 10.00 Katy Meier passed Øvre Mollisjok with good speed. Our man, Jørn Losvar, who was in contact with her, rapports of amazing conditions on the mountain plateau, with sunshine, no wind and a few degrees below zero. After having passed the trio in pursuit we had to “drive like madmen” to catch up with her before she came in on Jesjavre lake. She was curious to hear how the competition was doing, and did a wild cheer when she found out. We assume that with the great conditions and hard tracks the speed will be high, and whether you have all eight dogs still in the team might not be as deciding.  It would be bad odds on betting Katy Meier as the winner of FL-500 in 2012, but as we have seen before; anything can still happen.

Katy Meier out from Levajok

Photo: Geir Stian Altmann Larsen