FL-1000: Caught up with ten in Neiden

Like greit å fortsette når en først er igang, mente Sørlie, og fortsatte mot Kirkenes.

Written by: Mina Sveen/ Anki Ødegaard/Transl. SM Arctander
Photo: Anki Ødegaard
Date: 12.03.2012 07:19

Fresh booties and snack were all Robert Sørlie’s team needed in order to continue towards Kirkenes. His 14 dogs looked fresh and did obviously not feel the need to lay down when arriving at Neiden 1. Also the musher was ready for take-off in few minutes, and did what we have expected he might do. No long rest in Neiden, Robert Sørlie has been resting well in the first part of the race, and has been prepared for a longer leg than that. Now he is heading for Kirkenes after his very short stop. He did have time to talk to Roger Dahl, though, who was standing on the other side of the fence. Dahl asked Sørlie how he was doing, and Sørlie confirmed what Dahl had seen: -We are doing fine. –I can see that, responded the veteran.  –We may just as well go on when we’re out, Sørlie smiled, who claim that his team like long stretches. So now Robert Sølrlie is first on the trail, but Harald Tunheim is not going to let him have the trail on his own  for long and plan to leave soon.