FL-500 The Fight for FL-Victory and the Fight for NM-Gold

Written by: Tor Mikkelsen/Transl. SM Arctander
Date: 12.03.2012 09:05

After Katy Meier’s start, we observed somewhat different conditions when the pursuers started. It was a bit hard to get started, but eventually it worked. Nothing wrong with their spirit.

Ole Sigleif Johansen has 5 dogs and shout to our photographer, Jørn Losvar: NOW WE ARE GOING TO ALTA!

When crossing Iesjokka (river) Johansen and Wilhelmsen were observed together. They seemed nervous, not wanting others to disturb the dogs.

Leif Wilhelmsen from Junkerdal out from Jergul

About five minutes ahead we find Ole Wingren. Also he seems to be nervous and one of his front runner’s gaits was stiff. The question would be, is he just stiff, or is it an injury.

Wingren sets out for Alta

All Photos: Geir Stian Altmann Larsen