FL-1000: Sparkling under the cooking pot

Eleven dog teams have arrived, and in Tana the atmosphere is lively. The opinions of the leg are different

Written by: Anki Ødegaard/ Mina Sveen trans. Hans Ole Sandring
Photo: Anki Ødegaard
Date: 11.03.2012 20:07

Robert Sørlie has the best leg time so far and he used 8.20 from Tana. He keep up the good work, and tells that everything is perfect. He was in a good mood, and the dogs seemed to be perfect.

Inger Marie Haaland has run fast, with the third best leg time so far, but it can be explained because she was without any breaks. She  has had other accidents to: one coat on the runner were ruined, and she had to stop for a while on her way to Tana. She did not bring any extra cover in her sledge, so she had to improvise. Haaland is not turn this into a major crise. She just made the dogs rest for a while in the sun when she fixed the runner. She used her knife and axe to fix the problem.

Kjetil Reitan had different dogs into his sledge to rest, something he might have learned from Jeff king. King has done this before. No , this is put to an end, and from now on they have to run by themselves.   

Arne Karlstrøm had a tough leg with tired dogs, and he said he had a hard day on the office. Luckily things started to get better when he reached Tana river, and he thought he had started to hallucinate. There was a cook standing with big teeth and served sausages. This was luckily not a psychosis, but a stunt arranged by NRK (national TV). This might be shown on TV tonight.