FL-500: Competitive!

Written by: Tine Klevstad/Transl. SM Arctander
Date: 11.03.2012 19:04

At the moment Ole Sigleif Johansen is resting in Karasjok. At the check point he was observed running with depot bags. This to secure as much rest for the dogs as possible. To win the check point is something he has focused on in his preparations. During the Offroadfinnmark 2011 (an off road cycling race) he worked as handler for the winning team. His job was to make sure the cyclists could focus on eating and sleeping. He has experienced that this is important in a competition. Ole Sigleif is extremely competitive – which became evident for everyone last year. He was in the lead in FL-500 for a long time – and had record time on several of the laps. But it ended with parking. (the text continues below the picture)

At his personal web page he and his girlfriend Eline that the goal for this year FL-500 is to win. In all his preparation this has been the goal: He has focused on his own physical capacity in order to do a good job on the sled. His understanding of physical and mental capacity he picked up from his time as a cross country skier.

Like his father

May be competitiveness is genetically conditioned? His father Siglef Johansen has several times been national champion in biathlon, and have silver and bronze medals from WC, and he is still competing.