FL-500:Ole Sigleif First, Katy Fastest

Hektisk på sjekkpunkt. Toppkonkurrenter side ved side.

Written by: Hanne Rosenberg/Transl. SM Arctander
Photo: Markus Leistad
Date: 11.03.2012 15:54

Ole Sigleif Johansen from Rødberg Norway came in five minutes ahead of Katy Meier in to Karasjok. But Katy has driven 34 minutes faster on the leg between Levajok and Karasjok.

These two leading teams are now resting next to each other at the checkpoint in Karasjok, taking out their last part of the mandatory resting time. Now it is important to take care of the dogs as fast as possible so that they get as good and much rest at possible before the next leg.

Ole Sigleif has taken one dog out of his team, but this has not been confirmed. If this is correct, he will leave Karasjok with seven dogs, while we do not know anything about Meier and her dogs. This will only be clarified when they set out for Alta.

Katy Meier can leave Karasjok 7.51pm, and Ole Sigleif 57 minutes later, but what about Ole Wingren?

It has been reported that Ole Sigleif ran for his depot bag in order to save time.