Go!Finnmark tonight!

Written by: Ketil Steigen transl. Hans Ole Sandring
Date: 11.03.2012 13:48

Tonight at 18:00 pm at Tana Bru is the place to be. Then Scene Finnmark`s show that we call “Go! Finnmark “.

In Tana Bru you get to see this year’s Sapmi Music artist Niko Valkeapaa who cooperates with Scene Finnmark`s  Sverre Gjøvad. They will create beautiful atmosphere in the coldness. Stellaris DansTeater and drummers from Alta High School is presented. Local artist like Eirihns Dance group and Bente Sauas Drama group will appear.

Welcome to a magic show at 18:00 pm at Tana Bru. The show is for free, bring yourself and enjoy the atmosphere on “Go! Finnmark`s”  livescene!


More info about Go!Finnmark: Scene Finnmark sine hjemmesider.