FL-1000: Emil scratches Updated

Written by: Lise Ottem/ transl. Elisabeth Simonsen
Date: 11.03.2012 11:12


Latest: Barbara, Emil's wife, has told us that he has a muscle rupture at the back of his thigh. He was injured when making a quick movement in order not to fall over with his sled. You use these muscles when you brake and kick on the sled. Painkillers have had no effect, nor does it help to stand on the injured leg and kick with the good one. Emil felt it was not safe for the dogs to continue when he cannot use the brake properly.


After he started out from Levajok at 9.41 this morning, Emil Inauen is now back at the checkpoint. The dogs are loaded into the car and Inauen has chosen to scratch the race. A sad ending to this year’s Finnmarksløp for Inauen, his dogs and his team. Inauen’s pains proved to be too severe to continue the race.

His passion for Finnmarksløpet had some limits this time.

Emil Inauen in a previous Finnmarksløp.