FL-500: Ole without GPS

Written by: Trond Anton Andersen transl. Hans Ole Sandring
Date: 11.03.2012 09:38

The man who at the moment is in the lead on FL-500, Ole Sigleif Hohansen, is without a GPS-tracker. It stopped working when he left Jotka, and in the chaos on Skoganvarre we did not have time to change it. There are other GPS-trackers that doesn’t work. Many of these are fixed, and we are still working on the problem.


Will change tracker on the river

The plan is to hand the GPS-tracker to Johansen on the leg between Levajok and Karasjok, in worst case we will fix the problem in Karasjok. Previous years approximately 30 % of the mushers have had  GPS-trackers, this year every musher has one. We have to accept some technical problems.