FL-500: Dog teams reach Levajok

Written by: Markus Leistad/ transl. Elisabeth Simonsen
Date: 11.03.2012 04:59

Sten Are Harder started out from Skoganvarre first, and he was also the first to arrive at Levajok. He completed this leg in 5 hours and 46 minutes. It was a satisfied musher who could tell us about his trip over the Gaises.

-It has been good, especially the last part of the leg. The dogs have been surprisingly fresh. Three year old Joker has stepped up in the lead, along with 6 year old Eli, who is a more experienced leader. Now the dogs will get a long rest here in Levajok.

A short while after Harder arrived at Lavajok, Ole Sigleif Johansen and Katy Meier followed. Both have done fast legs, respectively 5 hours and 24 minutes, and 5 hours and 17 minutes. They could also rapport of good conditions. Meier, who was fastest of the three was very pleased.

-The entire dog team is working great. I ran behind the sled for the first 40 kilometers up the steepest hills. The last part of the leg I stood on the brakes. I’m surprised at how fast it went.

All three mushers took good care of their dogs at the checkpoint, and both mushers and dogs were ready for a long break.

Katy Meier handing out straw.

Ole Sigleif preparing to rest at Levajok