FL-1000: Tunheim, a vetran in Finnmarksløpet

Harald Tunheim first in the track on FL-1000

Written by: Anki Ødegaard transl. Hans Ole Sandring
Photo: Mina Sveen
Date: 11.03.2012 04:06

Harald Tunheim is used to be in front when arriving Levajok, and this year is not an exception. He has used 5 hours and 35 minutes from Skoganvarre. It`s  44 minutes more than the best leg time last year. Tunheim reports of soft conditions, about the same as it use to be between Skoganvarre and Levajok. When he arrivied the checkpoint he brought one dog in the sledge it was tired of the heavy conditions.

Tunheim wants to reach to Levajok before the track gets softer.

Harald Tunheim starting with his work on the checkpoint in Levajok