FL1000: Different opinions

The conditions barly stood the stain

Written by: Anki Ødegaard og Mina Sveen transl.
Photo: Mina Sveen og Anki Ødegaard
Date: 11.03.2012 08:00

The first mushers arriving Levajok were satisfied with the track conditions, but it didn’t took long until both mushers and dog teams came to the checkpoint tired and sweating. It was heavy, and most of the mushers were resigned because of the conditions.

Here is some comments from the mushers arrived in Levajok:


-I cried! Kjell Brennodden said, with a smile.

Inger Marie Haaland insists she has been driving careful to avoid injuries on the dogs. At the same time, she has the best leg time to Levajok.

Magne Storstein has raced fast, and despite the heavy track conditions that colored his cheeks. He was very satisfied and he feels like follow the flow.


Trine Lyrek has tried to slow down the dog team in the downhill. The dogs have been awesome, but I guess that is a luxury problem.

-I`m left behind in all the decisions. The team (Rune Johansen and Steinar Kristiansen) decide everything. I just have to stall the dogs and leave when they say so, says May Conny Johansen.

It has been soft conditions in periods, but it is far from the worst conditions I`ve had over the mountains. I have had a nice leg until Trine Lyrek passed me, says Arne Karlstrøm