FL-500 Katy Meier in top shape?

Katy Meier (41) from Sweden has come in second in Finnmarksløpet three times in FL-500. Is she aiming for victory?

Written by: Hanne Rosenberg/ transl. Elisabeth Simonsen
Date: 10.03.2012 19:33

Katy has finished Finnmarksløpet four times, coming in second place three times and seventh place once. Last time she participated was in 2008, so this year’s start can almost be considered a comeback.

To Skoganvarre she has an overall race time of 06:13. That is 25 minutes faster than her competitor Sten Are Harder from Sør-Varanger. His time of 06:38 is exactly the same time as last year’s winner Elisabeth Edland had on the same distance in 2011. Last year also had fast tracks.

Katy Mayer explained before start that she has young dogs that have done some 200- and 300- kilometers races before now starting Finnmarksløpet. She underlined that every time she participates in Finnmarksløpet she is focusing on the top spots. She is also very excited to be back.

At Skoganvarre she worked effectively with her dogs so they could get down on the straws as fast as possible for a rest before the next leg.

In comparison to the other favorites; Elisabeth Edland from Nannestad. Ole Sigleif Johansen from Alta, and Ole Wingren from Finland, Maier has ran approximately 50 minuets faster than these.

Edland had some trouble with her dogs early in the race on the river ice and probably lost a few minutes there, according to unofficial sources.

The nest leg they are heading out on towards Levajok is 78 kilometers long and has many climbs and is considered a though leg for both dogs and mushers. As the dog teams make it to Lavajok they have completed almost 190 km and then it will be more clearly to see the tendencies in the top five.

Can Katy Meier finally take the victory this year?    



Katy Meier "back in business".