Scene Finnmark's liveshow!

Written by: Ketil Steigen/ trans. Elisabeth Simonsen
Date: 10.03.2012 18:00

Finnmarsløpet has started and that means that Scene Finnmark’s annual Go!Finnmark also follows in the sled tracks. This year Scene Finnmark will present their spectacular outdoor stage at chosen locations along the track. We promise an experience that will excite, with artists perfect for Finnmark’s amazing scenography.

This year we have Sapmi Music artist of the year Niko Valkeapää and Scene Finnmarks own Sverre Gjørvad along with dansers from Stellaris DanTeater and local talents from the different locations who will fill the stage with a great show. Go!Finnmark follows the race and will be present with entertainment at the banquets and other stages. Both inside and outside you will be able to see what culture Finnmark can offer.

Niko Valkeapää and Sverre Gjørvad are professional musicians, they have composed music especially for Go!Finnmark.

Niko is artist of the year in Sapmi Music. He is a very distinguished singer/songwriter who have played countless stages domestically and abroad for over 25 years. He has also won many awards, among them Spellemannsprisen 2003.     

Sverre is a drummer in Scene Finnmark. He has a heart for jazz and he has been a composer and artist for many years. He has played for many known jazz bands and is now giving out an album called “Patience for the simple things”.

Tomorrow, Sunday, Go!Finnmark is in Tana. The show takes place in Tana Bru and starts at 18:00

Later this week Go!Finnmark will be in Kirkenes, Nesseby, Karasjok and Alta.


Niko Valkeapää. Foto: Pressefoto