This is the leg!

Kjell Brennodden about the leg from Jotka to Skoganvarre

Written by: Hanne Rosenberg transl. Hans Ole Sandring
Photo: Geir Stan Larsen
Date: 10.03.2012 16:50

Kjell Brennodden (63), “the grand old man” from Folldal has accomplished Finnmarksløpet 12 times. In 2009 and 2007 he became number 2 and he is absolutely among the favorites in long distance racing. He knows the lap from Jotka to Skoganvarre quite well.

After Jotka, on the way to Stabbursdalen, the terrain is relative flat. At this time it starts to get dark outside, and in clear weather the northern light blazes or it could be a demanding lap if the Clerks of the Weather plays it rough.

The terrain on this lap is relative flat. The dogs are fresh and this lap can be experienced as easy to drive. Before they restructured the leg down to Skoganvarre, this descending was considered as quite intense.  Now, this leg is restructured and easy to drive.

When the participants start from Jotka the stress from the start has calmed and they can start focusing on their own dog team. The dog teams have found the rhythm and the musher starts to get answers if they have chosen the right dogs to compete in this physical demanding competition. The dogs are fresh and full of energy. It is still early in the race, so a lot of things can change off course.

The dog teams are spreading in the field so there is not that many passings or risks that you are being passed. Brennodden thinks it is the first challenge that is most central


Kjell Brennodden is interviewed by Trond Anton Andersen