Edland fears the competitors

-Tough competition this year.

Written by: Hanne Rosenberg / trans. Elisabeth Simonsen
Photo: Anita B. Svaler
Date: 10.03.2012 16:16

Before the start of this year’s race Elisabeth Edland (53) from Nannestad said she fears competitors Ole Wingren from Finland, Katy Meyer from Sweden and Ole Sigleif Johansen from Alta. Edland won this class in both 2007 and 2011. Edland is a clear favorite and has something to defend.

Edland does not have her most experienced leader dog with her this year, but she has two good recruits in her dog team, respectively Pluto at 5 years old Knerten at 2,5. Both have shown good leadership abilities, which can prove to be a deceive factor.

Up to Jotka Edland has the fifth best time. It is still early in the race and hard to foresee what will happen from here. Will she win the Polaris four-wheeler this year?    


Edland on her Polaris four-wheeler in 2011.