FL-500 Saved by the spectators

Not long after the start things went very wrong for Kari Eldby. A carabin hook broke and her leader dogs disappeared.

Written by: Trond Anton Andersen / trans Elisabeth Simonsen
Date: 10.03.2012 16:16

Every mushers nightmare is losing their dog team, or part of their dog team. We don’t know exactly where things went wrong, but spectators at Jorra approximately 9 kilometers from Alta where asked to keep an eye out for two dogs running alone. Tor Børstad, Stian Børstad and Tor Ole Jøraholmen started out on the river, and shortly came across the two runaways.  The first man who tried failed, but a massive leap from Tor Ole was all it took.

15 minuets later Eldby came along with her dog team of 6, and she could take a sigh of relief when seeing her two leaders were safe and sound. A new carabin hook was obtained and a shaken musher could calm her nerves.

She started off, and turned after about 40 meters to yell – Thanks for all the help, with a smile back on her face.

Finnmarksløpet appreciates effort like this. Hurray for the Jøraholmen people.  

Happy ending: Kari Eldby has all her dogs with her to Skoganvarre. Foto: Privat.