The FL-Champion is going to be declared

Everything goes according to the plan when FL-1000 starts from the center of Alta.

Written by: Ole Martin Jøraholmen transl. Hans Ole Sandring
Photo: Jørn Losvar
Date: 10.03.2012 13:14

In beaming sunshine the head of press Trond Anton Andersen introduced 51 dog teams starting against the restart in Sorrisniva.  The parade march through the main street in the center of Alta introduce the 1000 kilometers that the mushers leave behind throughout the race.  The audience  applauds both dogs and mushers on a day that seems to be a perfect opening of the race.

Since 1992 have mushers from all around the world competed in the FL-1000 class, and for the twentieth time dog teams start on this distance. Several of the pioneers from 1992 participate on this distance this year.  The journey continues from the crowds in Alta along the river ice to Sorrisniva in Alta valley, where parts of the audience have moved from the center of Alta. The restart begins at 14:00 pm, and we wish the mushers good luck on their way to Jotka!


Previous winner Inger-Marie Haaland on the starting mark.