Finnmarksløpet - a Focus for the whole Family

Written by: Tine Klevstad/Transl. SM Arctander
Photo: Geir Stian Altmann Larsen
Date: 10.03.2012 10:05

When Jon Hearn (veteran, team nr. 16, England/Langfjordbotn) starts out from Alta today, both his daughters Annie (14) and Rosie (12) is part of the race. This is the second time they are handlers. This is daddy Jon’s third race and the girls tell about change of focus from year to year. “The two first races his aim was to learn and to finish. This year it is a contest. His training schedules and his focus on equipment show that.” The girls and their mother Pam lives in Talvik, while daddy exercises the dogs in Langfordbotn. Now it is time for teamwork, and the girls are ready.