The writings on the wall

During the start bankett it came out that Kjell Brennodden this summer got to know who wins FL2012

Written by: Anki Ødegaard trans Hans Ole Sandring
Photo: Jørn Losvar/Anki Ødegaard
Date: 09.03.2012 21:16

A well-staged meal consisted of braised reindeer with varied accessories was served the mushers, sponsors, handlers and guests.  Cultural features from several local artists were a represented.  Technical delegated Eilert Hesthagen brought a greeting to Finnmarksløpet and all the participants from the national musher association. Finnmarksløpet has this year status as a Norwegian championship in both classes.

All the mushers was announced and presented in groups and handed their starting number. Many international participates with exotic names demanded some tongue exercise during this session. Several rookies were asked about their aim of this competition. The answer was unison among the interviewed; to accomplish and obtain a great experience. An old veteran is back on track in FL-500, Rolf W. Johansen from Alta. The rumors say that when Rolf compete in Finnmarksløpet, the weather gets bad.

Among the FL-1000 mushers is Inger Marie Haaland back on track. She won the race as the first woman and rookie of the year in 2009. On a question about who she believes is the most strongest competitor she reveal a modest smile and declear that there are many good dog teams on the starting line. But she believes that Robert Sørlie becomes a very tough challenger.

Arne Karlstrøm tells about a stunt this summer in Foldal

Arne Karlstrøm is asked about how it is to live with a champion. – It`s just great, the cheerful man from Langfjorden smiles.  He thinks it will be difficult to exceed, but he is ready for victory, and he has been for a long time ago. This summer he was in Folldal with Brennodden. Kjell Brennodden was not at home, and Karlstrøm broke into Brennodden`s bedroom and wrote on a poster; I will win Finnmarksløpet 2012. Clear message.


The chairman of the board in Finnmarksløpet, Per Aronsen, praised all the voluntary that Finnmarksløpet is completely depended on. This year the number of voluntary is 450, and many of them keep coming back year after year.  Some of them quit, or have a break before they come back. One of the most dedicated volunteers is Marit Honerød Hoveid. From the early nineties and until last year she has with great enthusiasm dedicated two weeks to Finnmarksløpet. The last eight years as Race Marshall. Because of that Hoveid got a reward from the chairman of the board. It was a unison agreement among the crowd, and she was given a standing ovation.

The chairman of the board, Per Aronsen honors Marit Honerød Hoveid during the start banquet.