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Like in all other sports, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In the Brennodden family from Folldal two of the apples have landed especially close to the trunk. Both Jo Are and Ola compete in long distance mushing, but the thing is their father has not yet retired from the game – and he seems unbeatable.

Written by: Trond Anton Andersen
Photo: Lill K
Date: 07.03.2012 09:12

Son and father: Who will win the Brennodden family duel? Foto, Lill K.

Kjell Brennodden (63) is one of the real professionals of Finnmarksløpet. The old man himself, impresses year after year with good placements in the longest race. Twice he has come in second; even more impressing he has finished the last 10 races in the top 10. Even though experience is an important factor, one has to wonder how he can compete with women and men 20 years younger than him. – I’m stubborn as h…, Kjell says while considering other reasons for his success. – And I have good dogs, they have gotten better and better. In addition to that I haven’t been mushing since I was young. I was over 40 years old when I started so I’m not tired of the game yet, says the man who in 2012 is starting Finnmarksløpet for the fifteenth time.


Junior's plan

Those who follow the race have for several years expected the oldest son, Jo Are Brennodden to pass his father and come home to Folldal with the widest smile. So far that hasn’t happened. Jo Are has completed the race three times, but he still hasn’t been able to wave triumphantly while passing his old man. – I’m probably a bit more defensive than my father. I have often had young dogs and therefore taken it slow over the first few legs, maybe a little too slow. It’s not impossible that I’m a bit more offensive in 2012, says the oldest son who thinks it’s an advantage to have senior still in the game. – It’s a big driving force to have an unsubtle and outspoken father to put in his place, Jo Are laughs. – If I can get a hold of him I will bring out energy that I still don’t know I have

In 2012 this will be an exciting race to follow within the race. If we are going to be a little serious we do of course wish both Jo Are and Kjell the best of luck. A victory in Finnmarksløpet would be a big achievement, no matter which Brennodden brings home the prize. It is still impossible to not keep an eye on this family duel. Especially when the son writes this in his profile: - will finally step out and beat the old man for real… - It would be fun if he could beat me, but it will take a lot to do so, Kjell says.

Follow the family duel from march 10th, 2012.